“Bright Star Preschool has been a great blessing to my children who are attending school there and will be for the next two years.  Both my children are happy to go to school and enjoy their time there.”

“The school location is an amazing, quaint, and very convenient to all of us who live in the peninsula.  The school itself employs an astounding team of instructors who incorporate their knowledge, experience, and sensitivity and use towards all the children who attend there, thus, creating a wonderful experience for all.”

“Thank you again.”

-parent Luxanne & Douglas T.



My child attends Bright Star Preschool.  We chose this facility out of ten other schools in the area.  The reasons we chose this facility was for the location and the rates, but most importantly, the feeling we got from the teachers when we went to look at the school.  When we arrived we were asked to bring our child and the teachers took him out to the playground with the other kids as we spoke to the director.  We came back for a second tour and again, the teachers were really great with our son.”

“We have only been with Bright Star Preschool for a month, but we are very pleased with our choice…  The teachers and the aides are, ‘Fantastic.’  I really appreciate that my son is also being spoken to in Spanish.”

Thank you…
-parent Maria L.P


“Our son is 3.5 years old and has been attending Bright Star Preschool since January of this year.  He is very sweet and friendly, sociable, active, very perceptive and can be demanding and dominating at times.  We looked long and hard for a preschool that will not only nurture his good qualities, but likewise, help him develop and grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.”

“We were lucky to have found Bright Star Preschool.  With a facility that is very conducive for toddlers and preschoolers, dedicated and well-qualified staff, they have provided my son with a stimulating learning environment.  His social interaction skills have developed as well as his fine motor skills- he can now hold and use a pen correctly.  He always come home humming or singing a song he learned from pre-school.  He always look forward to seeing all his friends and he loves playing at the playground.”

“In this day and age, it is very hard to find affordable preschool in a quality facility with well qualified teachers.  We thank you for helping our son developed into a well-rounded young boy.”

Thank you very much,
-parent John T. & Gina T.


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