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“I want to thank you for making it possible for me to have affordable, quality child care available in my neighborhood.”  Last year, I searched for a preschool for my son for months and none were comparable to Bright Star.  I was even happier to know that the preschool I liked best was just five minutes away from my home.  (I was searching as far as San Carlos to ensure my son’s experience in preschool would be a positive one)” 

“My son attended Bright Star and had a great experience.  He was welcomed by smiling staff everyday, served warm home cooked meals and was exposed to a variety of educational activities.  The teachers are very nurturing and are always prepared to provide appropriate experiences for the children.  I was assured peace of mind knowing my son was safe and having fun and that when I picked him up, I could ask questions about his day.  After experiencing other child care centers, I know that finding out about my son’s day is not always easy to do.”

“The smaller size facility and quality staff at Bright Star makes this possible.  I am sad to see my son leave Bright Star this summer as he is entering kindergarten in the fall, but I know he is well prepared academically and socially thanks to Bright Star Preschool.”

-parent Annette H.


“My daughter has flourished since she began attending school in January of this year.  It is not often you see a child hug and kiss her teachers hello and goodbye everyday, but that’s what she does, and then she says, ‘I love you,’ as we are running out the door.  It makes me feel very good to know my daughter truly enjoys her days at school.”

“The facility is beautiful, clean and well maintained.  The structure of the program allows a good balance of learning, playing and letting children be children whether they are rolling Play Dough, cutting pictures out of magazines, or running their fingers through salt looking for objects.  Plus, the meals they serve are healthy and well balanced-- an extremely important factor for me since my daughter is a very picky dinner eater.”

“If you have children, you know how difficult it is to find quality daycare at an affordable price, which nurtures, enriches and provides a solid learning foundation for children.  Bright Star Preschool & Child Development Center does all of that and more.”

“I am so thankful for Mary and her incredible staff.  I recommend Bright Star every opportunity I get.”

Warm Regards,
-parent Jeanne B.C.


“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how happy my son and I are with the services provided by Bright Star Preschool.  He has enjoyed every day he has spent with the caring staff.  His social skills, and behavior have improved dramatically in the past year.”

“I am sure I do not need to tell you how difficult it is to find a local, affordable preschool staffed with such fine people.”

-parent Alden W.

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